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Can you guess my favorite color?

by Tasha - April 2nd, 2009.
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Under construction. I’ll be using this to release some of the work I’ve been doing in the stupor of unemployment I’m currently experiencing. This may be eFiction skins, HTML/CSS webpage layouts, or *gasp* the eFiction User Account Module I’ve been threatening for some time now. I’ll also be archiving all my icons and such here.

5 Responses to Can you guess my favorite color?

  1. Green.

  2. Ooh! Pretty! Um, strangely, the picture in your banner reminds me of Italy. o_O

  3. Which one? The banner rotates between two different pics. I actually took both of them recently.

  4. Green, green, and more green!

    Very nice photo. You can probably map almost the exact date (with 6 months ambiguity) by where the setting sun is, I bet. *nods*

  5. You probably could. I just chose that picture because it was one of the few I had that I could crop to be really wide and really short. That’s harder than you’d think… Anyway, there’s actually two pictures there. If you refresh or navigate to other pages, you’ll see the other. : )

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